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Dashboards, PowerPivot, Slicers, and DAX

Things you can do with Excel 2010

Why PowerPivot?
Dashboard Introduction
PowerPivot Example
PowerPivot Formulas
PowerPivot Resources
Build Excel dashboard reports, learn to use Excel's PowerPivot window and Data Analysis Expressions(DAX).
You can download a complete Excel 2010 PowerPivot example in the "Power Pivot Example" section.
What is PowerPivot?
PowerPivot is an innovative adaptation of the "Business Intelligence" software used by large companies to analyze data.   It is available from Microsoft as a free add-in to Microsoft Excel 2010.
See the Why PowerPivot? section for more.
Even though PowerPivot is new, there is a growing body of reference material on the web and a few good books on PowerPivot are in print.
See the "PowerPivot Resources" section for recommendations. 
PowerPivot was built specifically for Excel power users

You do not need to be a programmer to use PowerPivot. It was designed for the end user.
You may need some technical assistance along the way but 90% of the work of building a PowerPivot Dashboard can be done by the end user.
See the "Dashboard Introduction" and "PowerPivot Example" sections to gain an understanding of Dashboards and PowerPivot.


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