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Dashboards, PowerPivot, Slicers, and DAX

Things you can do with Excel 2010

Why PowerPivot?
Dashboard Introduction
PowerPivot Example
PowerPivot Formulas
PowerPivot Resources
PowerPivot Resources

1) Microsoft Resources


PowerPivot Tech Center


A collection of Microsoft resources including links to the PowerPivot download site.


2) The Best PowerPivot Books


PowerPivot for Excel 2010 Give Your Data Meaning by Russo and Ferrari


Best explanation of PowerPivot for the Excel Power User. Written for Excel users by two experts in BI systems. Excellent description of PowerPivot formulas.

Read two sample chapters from the book


 View the author's 2010 Presentation "Budgeting Solution Built with PowerPivot"



Pivot Table for the Data Analyst by Jelen


Excellent book on PowerPivot written by popular Excel author and trainer. Good insights into how to solve common Excel problems with PowerPivot.

  View videos by the author that accompany each chapter

3) The Best Dashboard Book



Information Dashboard Design by Few


Good book to gain some confidence with the concept of dashboards. Contains good common-sense advice.

Stephen Few is recognized as the leading authority on data visualization. This book contains many examples that illustrate his theories. Fun to look at and provides valuable perspectives.


About Stephen Few


About his books