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Dashboards, PowerPivot, Slicers, and DAX

Things you can do with Excel 2010

Why PowerPivot?
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PowerPivot Consulting
PowerPivot is an end user tool. No programming skills are required.  But, you may need a resource to help you with these aspects of building a dashboard with PowerPivot:
  • Setting up your PowerPivot data structure
  • Once PowerPivot is connnected to the data you do not need to worry about this anymore. You can just click on the refresh button and PowerPivot will import an updated copy of the data. Setting up the PowerPivot database requires that you understand some new concepts such as relationships, date tables and period tables.

  • Writing PowerPivot formulas

PowerPivot Data Analysis Expression (DAX) formulas are just like Excel formulas. They were designed so that Excel users could quickly became comfortable with them. During your learning process it can be a time saver to receive help from an expert.

  • Automating your PowerPivot workbook

With a few Excel macros written in Visual Basic for Applications you can automate any special data reformatting, data imports, printing, drill downs and workbook navigation.


  • Setting up a  Microsoft Access database to prepare data for PowerPivot

If you need to make changes and corrections to data before analyzing with PowerPivot you can use Access as a simple and user friendly tool to work with your data.

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John Lacher has been providing Excel consulting services for over 15 years. He works off-site via e-mail. phone and GoToMeeting with clients all over the world. His background is in accounting and management. His Excel skills include PowerPivot, DAX, VBA, and integration with Access.


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